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New Member - looking to fly Brecon Sunday 21st October

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Greetings all,

This is my first post & would like to say hello to all forum members! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but  would any forum members be kind enough to give me some info on flying sites at Brecon for this weekend?

I will be visiting the area on Sunday 21st, &  hope to get in some sloping for a few hours in the afternoon. Forecast is 'Light winds from the west'. I've not been to this area before, could anyone advise me on the best spot for e-gliders in the predicted conditions please?

Looking at the very informative http://a470soaring.blogspot.com/p/flying-sites.html Mickey's looks to be favourite, would anyone have any advice or opinions otherwise? 

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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Hi Julian! Welcome to the forum.

Are you going specifically to Brecon, the town? 

Or just coming to Wales for a fly?

Brecon is a fair treck from Mickeys at the Bwlch near Nantymoel.

Any hill with an edge facing the wind that you can get to without aggravating any farmers is the normal way in Wales.

You're unfortunately unable to use the fan on the front in any National Trust Properties, so be aware of that and where you visit.



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