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Prior Preparation Prevents Pi55 Poor Performance.

I've posted about Rachel's and my adventure yesterday on my blog HERE.

Short version for those who don't want to check out the blog post is that I didn't buy the suggested map for a walk up Pen Y Fan yesterday from the Lower Neuadd Reservoir. It all looked very simple and straight forward. It would have been if I had taken us to the correct reservoir to start from......

Absolute Plonker.

23km's later, I'm a little tender in the legs and back today!









Any of you blokes have any 6P's stories about your gliding escapades?

(Mine had gliding in it, as well as walking, lots of walking....)



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I've driven from Bridgend to Pickering in the North York Moors for a glider comp without packing a transmitter.

Started using a checklist after that....

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13 hours ago, Gromit said:

Walking out to the Crest will seem like a 5 minute stroll for you next time 😁



It didnt aseem like a 5 minute jog the last time I saw Skip on the crest .....🙁

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Hi all

A few weeks ago I arrived at Sainsbury's at my usual time of 7 AM on Saturday, to find I'd forgotten my reminder list of what to buy, I found out later that I'd left it on the side table in the kitchen......I'm only telling you this now because Skip's 6P's reminded me, Hey Ho!:):yes:



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Stefan Bertschi

Went (went in this case involves driving to Zurich airport flying to London and driving to Wales) to a Welsh Winterleague, brought two planes, broke one and then I detected that I brought the wrong Joiner. Thanks to Andy B. who agreed on Joiner sharing I was able to fly on..

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