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Following on from the huge success of the original Optimus, Flightech and CCM models now bring you the Optimus Sport.

The Optimus Sport wing is similar in design to the original Optimus wing which is great news as the planform and profile has proven to be one of the very best performing wings for UK conditions with excellent ability in wind and climb rate in thermals. It can also hang extremely well in lighter conditions.

The main revision has been to the fuselage and tail. Optimus Sport features a totally new fuselage design with a revised tail configuration and airfoils. A bonus is that servos are now much easier to install.

During testing several different tail configurations were trialed and the one that made it through to production gave the best feel and handling to the model. With the new layout, Optimus Sport handles even better at low speed and can turn tighter in smaller thermals. Both elevator and rudder efficiency have been improved. 

The new tail profiles have a lower minimum drag coefficient and have achieved a wider low drag bucket than on the previous tails. On the test models this has shown to give even better penetration and ability to cover sky and return from down wind thermals even more effectively then the original Optimus. 

We currently have 2 Optimus Sports sold and are taking a maximum of 3 more orders in the first shipment due later this month. The price is the same as for the original Optimus £1550. 





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