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11th F3K 14 Day Duration Challenge 2018


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David wins the 10th challenge.

Tony said "Also flew my XXLite, doesn't feel so lite to launch as the Hawk, and I may have been getting higher launches with the Hawk anyway. Best with the XXLite was 4:14 (Hawk at 3:15) before steaming both times with the 9:11."


David [7] : Simon J [1] : Mike S [1] : Simon B [1] :


This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the F3K (up to 1.5m) or Mosquito (less than 1m) class can post a time.
Object: Fly your F3K or Mosquito class hand launch glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Fly safely. No slope soaring.

Post your times as follows:-.
Pilot Name, F3K or Mosquito class, model name, length of flight minutes and seconds, plus date of flight. (Please do the posting within 48 hours of the flight)

Previous challenges since 2012 can be seen at www.f3k.uk and here at Barcs

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Can't win yet, 2 days left, even I'm going to have a pop at 4:15 😛 

My Vibe 2 is ready to go now. The only thing is there's no room for an altitude logger. Maybe behind the servos under the wing but deffo not in the nose...


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Hi David

My 9m11s time ought to count in the F3K challenge as well as the Mosquito class - 'anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the F3K (up to 1.5m)....'.  I think that has been what happened in previous challenges, though usually the time was beaten by a 1.5m model soon after - maybe not this time?

Sorry other Tony, better make it 9m12s just to be sure 😤 (emoji described as 'face with look of triumph'! Almost looks like 'face with hands flipping the bird'!). I think we need more emojis @Austin 🙂

Many thanks for keeping the 14-day challenge going David.


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Hi All,

I have struggled to get out flying with my new job but had a day off today in lieu of working last Saturday.  I came close to writing off my Snipe when the transmitter battery failed (probably lack of use).  It went from an OK voltage to fail in the space of a few seconds - fortunately the model was in my hand between flights.  I tried charging it and it would only accept 75mah so completely knackered (its a NiMH).  I had another battery and went out after lunch for 40 mins and managed a best of 6.18.  There was definitely more to be had but I couldn't stay with the lift which was quite narrow and bumpy.  Nice to get out through on a lovely day, plus I still have model in one piece!


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Tony you are quite right - apologies.   


Given the pants weekend forecast,  I managed to get out for 30 minutes at lunchtime today.    Lovely day but super light lift,  I was going down wind much quicker than going up.      Last flight found some very tight lift and got close to Tony's time but came down for 8:53 :)

Simon - good to see you back on the forum, sounds like you were very lucky with your battery.   Glad your model is still in once piece.

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Tony wins the 11th challenge of the year.    Weather not looking great for the next week,  hopefully we get a few more challenges in before the year end.


David [7] : Simon J [1] : Mike S [1] : Simon B [1] : Tony M [1]

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