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Antenna placement

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I'm sure there must be forum posts on this topic but my search didn't find anything relevant. 

I'm looking for tips on antenna placement.  The model is a NAN shadow 2 F5j.

I'm running spektrum receiver and telemetry built in (two long antennas) with two satellites (one single aerial carbon satelite and another standard two aerial satellite.)

So the front two satellites seem to be getting an ok signal (200-600 frame loses each per 10 min flight) but the main receiver and telemetry aerials are getting shocking signal (1,000s frame loses) due to their position lying along side the carbon.  In total (combined signal from all satellites) I get 200-500 frame loses and the odd hold at high altitude (250m).


 I'm happy with the satelites positions. Where best can I put the receiver antennas? The trouble is I store the model in a bag so the antennas are then held flat against the side of the fuselage so getting an aerial to poke out away from the carbon is difficult. The receiver is buried under the trailing edge of the wing and I'd like to keep the receiver where it is. 


I'd love to hear any suggestions before I make more holes in the fuselage. Pics would be great aswell.






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You have to keep the antenna as far from the fuse as possible for a good signal.

To protect my antenna during storage and transit, I then cover with a heat shrink tube, 


Fold under a protective cover of foil 


And then contain within a fuse bag (Home made) to protect the whole model.


Hope this helps.

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Heavens above - not often that I see another Spektrum glider flyer on here.

I use a Spektrum carbon receiver and a carbon satellite - so just the three aerials.  As a result I try to keep them spaced out at 120 degrees apart when fitting out a full carbon fuselage.  If the fuselage is glass, with a few carbon longerons in the mix, then I keep just the satellite aerial outside and restrain the other two within tubes lying against the glass part of the fuselage.   The fact that all three aerials are pointing backwards doesn't seem to hinder reception too much - not enough to matter anyway.  I try and place the satellite aerial further back than the main receiver in the fuselage with the aerial exiting through the top and positioned behind the wing.  It's not always possible, though.   

I use the neat little Spektrum aerial guides when it's convenient, but not always, and I protect the aerials by running them through PTFE tubing (care of Hyperflight).

I'm not too fussed when it comes to protecting the fuselage in transport .  I just protect them with an old blanket or old coats etc.





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