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Peter G

Scottish Winter League

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Peter G

We had a good day on Pole Hill, near Kilspindie (Perth) yesterday despite me turning up without the computer bit of the timing gear and having to go home and get it!

So about 1hr and 20 mins late, we got started in a slightly crossed wind of about 10ms and overcast skies.

Ian Simpson was flying his Cyril for the first time in competition and kicked things off with a pair of 50’s. Mike had a Cracken start with a pair of 46’s then both Ewan and Dave had a 49 and a 48 and George went 48 and 46. I had a poor start with a pair of 49’s and wondered what was wrong with the model!

Mike went quicker in rounds 3 & 4 with a 44 /43 combo, Dave was also going well with his new to him FS4.3 flying 46 / 43 and George had a notable 44 in round 3 with his new to him Shinto, there were quite a few golden balls on display! I flew a pair of 44’s which was better but not good enough as Mike was ‘on it’, Robert flew 52 / 53.

That set the pattern really for the first 6 rounds, with Mike flying the fastest times, me not quite as fast and Dave and George going very well dicing for 3rd. We stopped for lunch and I stuck another 400g in the Precision 2after which I was able to match or better Mike for a few rounds. Dave had a moment with the FS4.3 flying through the rotor and having a surprise landing which meant he had to switch to pitbull and spoilt his day really in terms of the results. At the same time, Ewan got his shizzle together with a string of times in the mid-40’s bringing him back into contention.

Ian was adjusting his settings with the Cyril and was quicker with a bit more ballast and a bit more snap with a 47 and a 48 in rounds 9 & 10. Mike flew FTD in round 10 with a 41.67 but I was close behind with a pair of 42’s, not enough to gain ground though. Ewan really came on song or got some good air towards the end with a 43 in round 11 and a 45 in round 14 which blew away both me and Mike on 54 and 55 and brought him 170 points closer to the top.

Mike ended up with a very commanding lead and a solid win, well done Mike! With me 2nd and Ewan not too far back in 3rd. George and Dave were very close for 4th with George taking it with some very smooth flying.

1              Mike McCracken              12806.77              1000.00

2              Peter Gunning                   12382.59              966.87

3              Ewan Maxwell                   12145.31              948.35

4              George Young                   11855.31              925.70

5              David Watson                    11832.95              923.96

6              Ian Simpson                       11327.59              884.50

7              Robert Carson                   10650.16              831.60

FTD Mike McCracken 41.67

All in all a good day on the hill and a good start to the winter league.

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George Young

An excellent start to the Scottish Winter league and a good turnout.

Well done to Mike for a convincing victory; his Precision was so quick and the turns were spot on!

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