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Gary B

Electronic/servoless airbrake setup?

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Gary B

Might be a daft question but...I've just obtained a used glider that has servoless or electronic air brakes installed (HobbyKing type).

Not having used this type of airbrake before I'm wondering about their setup.

I'm assuming that they cut off power when closed regardless of any signal overdrive from the Tx and that they do the same when fully open or this is controlled by servo throw settings?

Can't find an instruction manual online. I guess I can connect an ammeter in series and find out.




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They should be like a servo and only draw power if they are doing any work, so unless there is something stopping the airbrake fully closing or opening then they should draw no more current than a servo in a resting position.

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Gary B

Thanks Frank.

I bit the bullet this morning and used a servo tester and an almost flat 4.8v NiMh battery to open them, imagine my surprise when I discovered that they are normal servo operated brakes!

I was told by the previous owner (PO) that they were electronic brakes, I did wonder as the model dates from the early 90s and there was no evidence of recent conversion to electronic brakes.

What probably threw the PO (who was not the builder) and me is that the servos are not visible, they are completely buried in the wing somewhere near the root. This is a bonus as anyone who has fiddled with fuselage mounted air brake and aileron servos will know. I have the original kit instructions, wing mounted aileron servos were an option but not the air brakes.

I'd still like to know how the electronic brakes work, also might be useful for others.

The arrow in this photo shows the pushrod clevis which is, unusually, connected to the outboard arm instead of the inboard arm.


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