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Gary B

Multiplex Arriba

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Gary B

Continuing my quest to collect dusty old Multiplex gliders I managed to obtain an Arriba last week.

As a bit of non-news the Multiplex Flamingo I restored last year still hasn't flown!

Along with the Arriba came an unbuilt kit of an MPX Astra, I will start a separate thread on that.

I hadn't heard of the Arriba, it is an ELG version of the Schampus apparently (which I had vaguely heard of).

The Arriba is 3.4 metre span and appears to use the wings from the DG600 of the same era (or it could be the other way around!).

The model is in flyable condition but as usual I will give it a birthday. The wings are glassed but could do with a repaint, the fuselage gel coat is very good but I'm not a fan of the purple trim colour.

The original tailplanes (fitted in the photos) have been driven over by accident, they are actually ok apart from some spanwise cracks. A spare tailplane was provided.

The spinner is a little bit over in diameter, looking at it  I was thinking about removing the motor and flying it as a pure glider, dunno.







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pete beadle

Hi Gary

Well found for this beauty too.....

According to the MPX Building Instructions the Arriba was produced to be an electric assist aircraft from the outset, so my vote would be to leave it as such:thumbsup:

As usual I completely agree with you that this isn't going to be a Class A rebuild but just a "neatening-up" job and, yes, I totally agree the painted trim is a must to improve/replace as one of the first things to do......

Oddly, I seem to remember, in the darker recesses of my tiny mind that I had always thought the Arriba was a flying wing design........where that comes from I don't know, but the name Carrera seems to be where I originally saw that name.......good luck with the research on this, and attached please find the destructions for the MPX Arriba.....English version from page 28 if that helps you......:yes::)

Onward and upward Gary




MPX Arriba building instructions Eng p28.pdf

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Gary B

Thanks Pete,

 Both this and the Astra came with hard copy instructions, it seems to be a bit random exactly which instructions Multiplex have in their archive, they don't have the Astra.

Tempted to try them for the airbrakes I'm looking for but I e-mailed them a while ago (about graphics I think) and they said all they have in the back rooms are cobwebs!

The Cortina was the flying wing, my first car, a Mk III estate that would have made a good glider carrier. 

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