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Richard Swindells

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Steve J

@pete beadle I was commenting on your ludicrous assertion that "the courts can't, the police can't" enforce the ANO. 



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pete beadle

Hi SteveJ

Was it really necessary to describe my explanation of the fact that the courts can't enforce the ANO nor can  the police as a ludicrous assertion?

As I explained previously, the courts cannot enforce the ANO because they have no enforcement arm, and the police, who act on behalf of the courts can't either, as they don't have the manpower

Your use of an example where the defendant admitted to his guilt on appearance at the Magistrates court does not deny either of my explanations. The arresting officers were not tasked with arresting Mr Rusu, they acted on their own initiative, and the court was not required to test their case because the two witnesses were police officers, and the defendant had already admitted his guilt.

If Mr Rusu had not admitted his guilt to the charge, I believe a good defence lawyer could have established reasonable doubt as to Mr Rusu's intent to commit a crime and, as no claim regarding damages was submitted, could also have contested the need for such a substantial fine and/or the destruction of Mr Rusu's property.  Stranger things have happened in British courts I assure you....... 




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With regards to the whole drone regulation situation, I've had a look at the actual exemption from the 400' rule for UK model flying associations. A couple of things stood out to me:

Seems like it's not that hard to define the difference between a model plane and a drone after all.  Pity the EASA aren't able to do it. 



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