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**New exciting product announcements for 2019**


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We have some  new and very exciting products to add to the Flightech product line for 2019. Website will be updated as soon as I get chance so please keep your eyes peeled...

1)  'Toy' 2m slope glider / electric thermal soarer / electric hotliner.  It will be available in 3 versions. All 3 will be to the same design but the spars and lay-ups will be optimised for what the pilot will want to use it for.  The 'Toy' is made by CCM models who have a strong history producing very high end F3j and F5j models. The design of the 'Toy' and in particular the build quality will be second to none - it will be produced from the same quality molds and by the same small team of highly experienced and skilled laminators as the larger more expensive models.  

The 'Toy' will be a premium quality product and price is therefore expected to be approx £550. First shipment is expected Feb 2019


2) Xpower 2919/10 Direct Drive F5j motor

Produced especially for F5j and Esoaring models the Xpower is a direct drive motor but the motor wires come out the back of the can just like an inrunner. There are no moving or rotating parts externally so it is perfect for tight installations without the worry or hassle of wires getting tangled and twisted up by the traditional rotating can of an outrunner. At only 28mm diameter, 83g in weight and wifh a substantial 5mm output shaft this is sure to be a popular motor that will have the power (on a 10x6) to drive all F5j and Esoaring models up to approx 1600g.

These are already in stock and are £59.50. Please get in touch if you want one before they go live on the website


3) Kingmax servos. This will be a new name to most but Kingmax are already well established in RC cars and RC Helis. They also produce some fantastic glider servos (including 8mm and 10mm wing servos) and are becoming very popular in Germany. The German F5j team used them in all their models at the 2018 FAI European Championship with very good results. I have put them through the same testing processes as when I took on KST and they have performed equally as well. In particular the small 9g alloy cased servo proved better than the KST X08 and the main 10mm alloy cased wing servo proved as accurate and as reliable as the X10 Mini which is a brilliant servo. The best bit is the price. I am hoping to have a KST X10 and X10 Mini equivalent (the CLS0612W and CLS 0911W) for approx £28  and a KST X08 Plus equivalent (the CLS0309W) should be approx £31. These are big savings at approx £10 per servo over KST. And an awful lot more saving over MKS. Servorahmen servo frames including IDS frames will be available for all servos.

There will also be a lower end plastic cased glider servo range (including 10mm wing servos) that I hope to retail for approx £12.50. Testing hasn't finished on these yet but they look to be pretty good for what they are.

Flightech will be exclusive distributors for all Kingmax servos in the UK. You can see more about their servos here www.kingmaxhobby.com just look under wing servos and glider servos on the left hand drop downs.

Kingmax servo are currently being fitted to to both my new Infinity and Optimus Sport for the upcoming 2019 f5j season...




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