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Anyone in the Stroud area?

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Here is possible a slightly odd question/request.

Is there anyone in the Stroud or Gloucester area who would be willing to help me cover a model.  At least give me a little demo.

I would like to use the tissue over mylar technique. Its a 50's design (Thermic 100 by Frank Zaic) so I don't think solar film or the likes would suit it, but I'm concerned that tissue alone wont last all that long I am getting near the end of the build but I'm fairly new to this and I'm pretty daunted by the covering.


Many thanks

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pete beadle


Personally, I don't think you need to go for tissue over Mylar, my Zaic Thermic 100 is covered with Solartex on the wingtips (the "antique sort) and heavyweight tissue with thinned clear epoxy resin brushed over the yellow coloured centre panels - and that's "old school" and plenty strong enough:yes::)

Unfortunately I'm in London, so I'm not able to help you by showing you my covering system, but I assure you it's very easy to do

The fuselage is clear epoxy glass on the balsa areas and Solartex on the rest......tailplanes are clear epoxy resin brushed over heavyweight tissue as per the wing centre panels.....see below




ZAIC 100 005.JPG

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