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UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2019


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(Shameless copy & paste, with edits, from last year's thread)
Arrangements have got to be started sometime, so here we go.

Weekend of 11th & 12th May 2019
Location - Little Bentley, Colchester, Essex, CO7 8SN.

We had another great event last year - 2018 thread

I will create an event on the F3X Vault website - pre-payment is a requirement for registration.

A list of entrants will be kept here but actual entry is to be made on the F3X Vault site please.

UK entrants pay direct to me to avoid conversion fees from GBP-EURO-GBP

Entry fees are Senior £25 and Junior £10, pre-payment is required by PayPal to tony@quick-net.co.uk
Entries by midnight Thursday 9th May

Directions to the field in the attached pdf file. Camping on the field as last year as well as a barbecue on Saturday night. Rather than take a set amount for food, or adding it in to the entry fee, we will pay-as-you-eat. Bring your own beer, wine, etc.

Tony M

Entry List:

  1. Lorry Green - GBR - FAI 66378
  2. Michael Stern - GBR- FAI 66376
  3. Paul Gleeson - GBR - FAI 121275
  4. Neil Harrison - GBR - FAI 93798
  5. Mike Challinor - GBR - FAI 90831
  6. Gavin Stern - GBR - FAI 83028
  7. Simon Barker - GBR - FAI 101175
  8. Carlos Dos Santos - GBR - FAI 83020
  9. Paul R - GBR - TBA
  10. Neil Pritchett - GBR -TBA
  11. David P - GBR - FAI 99674
  12. Ferenc Paskai - HUN -FAI 81469



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Hi, i'm Gianmaria from Italy … remember me?

i would like to come there, unfortunaly i'm alone i have the same problem, is there possibility to be catch from Stansted on friday  and obviosly to bring back on sunday, iwas thinking to camping on field is it possible like last time?

is there a minimum limit of pilots until to confim a competition?

thanks a lot Gianmaria

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Hi Gianmaria!

Of course we remember you, and would be delighted to see you at our F3K Eurotour event again.

I'm sure we can arrange a pick-up from Stansted on the Friday, I have a fishing bivi, bed chair, sleeping bag and cooking stove that you can use for camping (the bedchair is wonderful to sleep in, you will be the most comfortable person at the field :) )

I wonder if the confusion of Brexit has put off our Dutch and Belgian friends from registering yet, I really hope that when/if we know what the hell is going to happen over the next few months some will make the trip over to us.

To run a competition I believe we need a minimum of 10 pilots, I hope that there are other UK pilots ready to enter soon. Just 7 weeks to go!


Bivi - something like this

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Ohh wonderful... I can't wait for it... Do you know if I need passport to come there or is the same as last time ? I used id card, you can sing me  but I'm waiting to buy a journey fly.. sorry but I don't want to waste money 😁 and please guys if there are others interested in a competition sign in it thanks

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I'll be there too, thanks tony, I'll try and sort out the "paperwork"  at the weekend. No idea on the passport Gian, hope you can make it.

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Gianmaria, no one knows what the requirements for travel will be from Italy. IF, and its a big if, Brexit is decided before May then more will be known. I fully expect that travel from EU countries will not be a problem for months or years to come whichever way Brexit goes.

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I think it's time to buy a ticket fly ... Or the price will came higher.

But we are only 8 of us .   🙄 I'm afraid that we will not enough ..  so hurry up and sign in it guys 😁

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Neil Harrison

So I made some enquiries with our Dutch friends and it appears very unfortunately, that the event this year seems to be clashing with one of their own National competitions 😔


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Unfortunately, paperwork issues preclude me from getting an FAI license and taking part.

If you could refund my entry fee please.


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Im really sad but I've to renounce because of few pilot and I can't wait anymore to buy a fly journey hope to see you next year Gianmaria

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