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Kingmax servo focus - the CLS0612W


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With the new Kingmax servos coming into stock very shortly it is now appropriate to start introducing each one of these excellent servos to you in a bit more detail. Kingmax servos are popular in Germany and are used by pilots in the National German F5j team so quality and performance are assured.


The Kingmax CLS0612W   


For:  F5j Flaps (& ailerons on windier weather models)            2m - 3m  Slope model flap & aileron             F3f Ailerons


This is a strong (7kg/0.10s on average) 10mm CNC alloy cased wing servo suitable for all wing applications. It is also multi-voltage so can run from 4.8v through to 8.4v. Ballraces feature at the top and bottom of the main output shaft and the gears are made from a very hard anodized steel.

It is of course digital, and also has a coreless motor for even greater torque and response. Weight is 23g and it is identical in size and dimensions to the KST X10 Mini and the now discontinued MKS 6125 mini. In fact so much so it will fit straight into exactly the same servo frames including the servorahmen IDS frames which we also stock.

The complete servo set comes in a clear hard plastic case and with a selection of good quality well proportioned plastic servo horns and a CNC anodized alloy servo horn. 

Price is £28 which is very competitive  for such a high quality high performance servo. This is approximately 25% - 55% cheaper than similar products from other brands










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