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F3x Fuselage servo - the KM1203MD

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With the new Kingmax servos coming into stock very shortly it is now appropriate to start introducing each one of these excellent servos to you in a bit more detail. Kingmax servos are popular in Germany and are used by pilots in the National German F5j team so quality and performance are assured. 


The KM1203MD

For:      F3f V-tails         F5j tails            Any model needing a fast powerful 12mm micro servo


The KM1203MD is a superb precision 12mm 20g micro servo packing (on average) a powerful 9.5kg at a lightning  quick 0.08s. Featuring a coreless motor, and double ballraced gearbox this fantastic little servo also has a strong copper & titanium gear train and beautifully made CNC alloy casing.

Being a true multi-voltage servo, the KM1203MD is happy operating on 4.8v through to 8.4v making it ideal for all cell chemistry RX packs without the need for a regulator.

The complete servo set comes in a clear hard plastic case and with a selection of good quality well proportioned plastic servo horns and a CNC anodized alloy servo horn. 

Price is £25 which incredible for such a high quality servo. This is approximately 25% to 65% cheaper than comparable products from other brands.




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