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New Vertigo 4m F5j model


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A very exciting model for 2019 is the  new Vertigo F5j from GCM. At just under 4m span it is available in a Light lay-up (flying weight from 1100g) or Strong lay-up (flying weight from 1400g)

A joint collaboration between Flightech and https://www.rcmetalbitz.co.uk/  proprietor Graham Wicks, means we are proud to announce this awesome new model will now be available in the UK with full support from both Graham and myself.

The GCM Vertigo has been several years in development and testing making the final production version very easy to fly with low pilot workload. It also features fantastic penetration (even at low flying weights thanks to the modified SynerJ airfoils) and  turns very tightly and predictably in thermals. With very mild stall characteristics and a wing that responds well to camber changes, the new Vertigo F5j looks set to become a popular and successful model for 2019 and onwards.



Solid core wing tip panels, rudder, and elevator. Carbon/Rohacell
Hollow molded center panel. Carbon/Rohacell skin
Bladder/Pressure molded 2 piece fuselage


Extreme post cure temperature and duration on all parts insure surfaces remain smooth and glossy even with prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight.
Highest quality surface finish compareable to the very best.
Low production quantity means a greater level of attention to detail.
Extremely durable and accurate CNC aluminum molds. All parts come from CNC aluminum molds that are second to none if quality and finish. 

Price is expected to be approximately 1650EUR. We already have one UK batch in production that are all sold but we will soon be ordering another batch. Please contact either Graham or myself if interested. Thanks for looking 😉

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First Virtigo arrived today from GCM Models .

came in a very heavy box made from 6mm MDF  .

The model is purpose designed for F5J ,

light weight ,thin section , big flaps, 2 part fuz, rudder / elevator-servos  fit in the rear half so plenty room up front for a choice off motor /battery combination .

Rohacell tip panels look very good with no sign off the orange peel effect.

Centre panel is hollow moulded light but strong.

Two sets off wing joiner .

wing and tail bags included .

G .




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