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North of England Open F3F Eurotour & World Cup

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Another 6 rounds flown today on the south bowl. Some wind today and lots of sun.


1 Peter Gunning 1000.0
2 Mark Treble 983.67
3 Stefan Bertschi 977.67
4 Rich Baygo 972.56
5 John Philips 970.49
6 Dave Woods 970.23
7 John Treble 953.74
8 Mark Redsell 948.39
9 George Young 931.33
10 Mike Evans 928.83
11 Andy Burgoyne 926.92
12 Tony Livingstone 917.85
13 Stefan Bernardy 915.85
14 Keith Wood 913.85
15 Paul Stubley 913.23
16 Clayton Landells 912.54
17 Arjen Van vark 909.4
18 Paul Garnett 901.62
19 Mike Shellim 900.52
20 Eric Heine 900.06
21 Bruce Hudson 897.25
22 Dave Rumble 893.46
23 Dave Watson 893.4
24 Rick Ruijsink 889.06
25 Maria Freeman 887.21
26 Brett Larrett 880.03
27 Nigel Witchalls 875.31
28 Graeme Mahoney 873.99
29 Les Wood 855.39
30 Jon Edison 855.13
31 Jason Bioletti 829.7
32 Robert Carson 827.23
33 Bob Dickenson 746.65
34 Alvaro Silgado 0.0
35 Pete Burgess 0.0

Fastest time: 40.51 by Tony Livingstone in round 7


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Well done Pete, and Mark & John Treble. Good flying today. 


John was also punching above his weight with the locals. 

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 Great to see Mr Treble senior keeping up his challenge, maintaining his 7th place position 👏 


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Nice job Pete :)

What happened to the  little local lad? Come on Rich pull your sox up ;)

With Mark, Stefan, John and a host of other good fliers close behind the comp is hotting up! Not quite as hot as travelling in France today........38° ....thank goodness for aircon...

Cheers Ewan 

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3 hours ago, Gromit said:

 Great to see Mr Treble senior keeping up his challenge, maintaining his 7th place position 👏 



If only the truth were known.....

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Another 6 rounds today on levisham to make a total 15 rounds. Congratulations to Peter, John and Mark!

1 Peter Gunning 1000.0
2 John Philips 996.32
3 Mark Redsell 993.67
4 Dave Woods 989.97
5 Stefan Bertschi 965.3
6 Mark Treble 964.5
7 Rich Baygo 961.39
8 Clayton Landells 958.76
9 Mike Evans 945.76
10 George Young 937.0
11 Stefan Bernardy 931.4
12 Arjen Van vark 922.18
13 Tony Livingstone 921.4
14 Brett Larrett 916.76
15 John Treble 914.31
16 Rick Ruijsink 910.93
17 Eric Heine 908.23
18 Andy Burgoyne 904.54
19 Keith Wood 904.02
20 Paul Garnett 901.35
21 Mike Shellim 897.48
22 Dave Watson 896.7
23 Graeme Mahoney 896.5
24 Paul Stubley 891.31
25 Bruce Hudson 876.43
26 Les Wood 873.33
27 Nigel Witchalls 861.55
28 Jon Edison 840.94
29 Robert Carson 818.43
30 Bob Dickenson 731.1
31 Jason Bioletti 703.33
32 Dave Rumble 690.46
33 Maria Freeman 619.69
34 Alvaro Silgado 0.0
35 Pete Burgess 0.0

Fastest time: 32.83 by Mark Redsell in round 12



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Well done Pete, JP and Mark,  Very well deserved.

I enjoyed my first visit to the Hole and Levisham, albeit I had to retire early.

The rumours I had heard about Levisham were true.  Very fickle slope and odd air that comes on and off in the blink of an eye!!

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Absolutely loved the weekend. Some demanding flying with varying results each day for everyone, good banter on the slope and plenty of drinking with great mates off the slope.

What's not to like.

Looking forward to seeing the spreadsheet. 


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Peter G

Today was a real roller coaster! Losing 11s per round to Mark R in the first three today left me thinking it was all over. But such is Levisham, the next one was decent for me and I finished with two good ones 😀

Totally chuffed.

Thanks to Mark Treble & Jon for CDing and to Rich, T9 & MKS for the fabulous prize!

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pete beadle

Hi all

Happy to see ISA member David Woods in the top five!:thumbsup:

Well done David:yes:........




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Thanks Pete. it was an interesting comp.

My 3rd from last round I got 54 sec. then the next round  34 sec, that was almost entirely due to a nice big thermal,, it just shows you the effect of good air.

If you were lucky it was a very satisfying comp, but for some it was a bit disappointing.

At least we had a lot of flying and good weather and thanks to Mark Treble and Jon Edison a smoothly run comp.

I enjoyed my new PB., and flying the Pitbull 2 in some good air.

Well done to the top 3, it was very close in the end.



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paul garnett

Excellent 3 days of flying,  some interesting conditions, well done to all that took part and especially the Top 3, well deserved.

I had a damanding comp with little in the way of decent air but tried to make yo for it by flying tight, only one cut!!

A mechanical failure of my elevator prevented my flying one round giving me a Zero..ouch. lessen learnt.

All in all a great few days on the lovely North Yorkshire Moors.

Big thanks the Mark and John for running the comp.

Again well done to the top three. 


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13 minutes ago, Jon_E said:

Report,  including results spreadsheet and models flown here :-

Thanks Jon,

Any chance you can update my models flown to include the Jedi Space Lift which I flew a few times on Saturday and all Sunday?

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Seventh place at the end of two days international racing was a new experience for me, although flying like a prat throughout the third day was not. I don’t think I’ve been in the top half at international level before either. Despite some spectacular cockups I’m not unhappy with the way the weekend went. Job now is to figure out how to reduce the incidence of errors.

Thanks to Mark and Jon, who handled a number of situations with good humour and diplomacy, and to the entire field for helping make the buzzing system work smoothly most of the time.

Congratulations to Peter, JP and Mark R, whose 32.xx was stunningly beautiful to watch.


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Had a top weekend! Huge congrats to Pete, John & Mark. I couldn't have called the top 4 pilots, let alone places!! 

Levisham was throwing some curveballs for sure this weekend! As was the Hole actually....

It was an honour to be a part of the winning team with Rich and JP and I was so relieved to have been able to play a decent part after a very good day on Levisham Sunday.

Stoked that I managed to claw my way into the top 10 after being 29th after 3 rounds on the first day.

Massive thanks to Mark T for Directing the comp and to the NYMSRC for hosting us so well.

As always it was fantastic to spend some quality time with all of you in the sun on a beautiful hillside .

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Well done to organisers and competitors 🙂     I still have a love of the HoH as the south slope saw my fastest time 34.x with an Ellipse1 many moons ago now 🙂   Keep up the good work one and all !


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Stefan Bertschi

Can only second whatv everybody said.

Great organisation, great company, some fantastic flying and a well deserved podium. Chffed for Pete that he made it! Well done my friend.

Of course I'm a bit disapointed missing the podium, but some you win and some you loose.

See you soon


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Thanks John and Mark and T9.

congrats to the podium .

 What a treat to see MarkR’s 32.xx on Levisham it was so measured and precise all the way through the flight. Every turn exact and never corrected for a buzz. Totally committed and very well deserved  FTD. 

For the record I flew the Jazz in the lighter air of Friday, then switched to the PB2 . 


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( I'm playing catch up as been away with no internet for past 36 hrs )

Congratulations Peter on winning the event, 'Cracking' 👏

Well done JP on achieving the runners up placing, yet another excellent result for you 👏

Well done Mark on taking the 3rd place position,  & for that 'Cracking' 32 FTD ,  👏


Well done to everyone else on your own placings & achievements during the competition . 

Very well done & thanks to organisers & CD's Jon E & Mark T. 👏

So very disappointed that I was unable to share in the 3 days of F3f enjoyment & fun, yet another comp missed for me  😭





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