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BMFA F3F Nationals 2019 - 11/12 May Eastbourne

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40 minutes ago, jwest532 said:

Well what a pleasant way to spend a weekend :)

To be honest its been a while since I've visited the Old Man, sorry Longman :) and it was good to see John P and get out with the Massive again and have a real laugh.

Flying on the Saturday was really quite interesting as the conditions on the whole were quite stable except for the two rain showers we had. You could see them coming from miles away and as they came closer the wind tripled in speed and the times tumbled. It was great to watch and really interesting from a meteorological perspective however, I couldn't help but feel sorry for those who didn't benefit.  

Sunday had us on a fantastic small cliff site just at the end of Eastbourne sea front and once the wind came on we had 3 fantastic smooth sea air rounds. Unfortunately the wind then started to swing.  Now normally I'll fly in anything however, with the prospect of having to make the decision to either ditch in the sea or crash land on rocks at the base of the cliff I agreed with John when he called a stop to proceeding.  We did though have a lovely afternoon sports flying :)

Anyway thanks to everyone that made the effort to come, John P for organizing us Peter B for his CDing and Mark T for everything he does in the back ground to keep things running.







Ps On closer inspection of Facebook I seem to have a lot of new friends :) Who do I need to thank for this?

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1 hour ago, jwest532 said:

Ps On closer inspection of Facebook I seem to have a lot of new friends :) Who do I need to thank for this?

Wendy got bored talking planes at the Indian

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Thank to all that came to the F3F nats 

it was not looking that good Friday but the weather was on our side just, great couple off days with you all plus I got lucky with the conditions.

The slopes we used are two off our best in my eyes, one very picturesque  over the top of The Longman him self and the sea cliff is just a dream with the conditions  we had, easy in some ways but still demanding to fly well.

i can not remember anyone having a bad flights,(the odd cut) which is a good to see the level of the UK F3F community has risen too. Thanks to Mark and Uncle Pete for there hard work, and you all for helping. JT’s card system worked ok Saturday and I think is a good idea but it was hard to see on Sunday in the long grass, I’m sure he will have sorted that next time 👍

see you all soon



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Well done JP! 

Sounds like a weekend of interesting contrasts  in terms of conditions/slopes.

- Mike

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Peter G

A really enjoyable weekend! I would agree that they are the two best slopes I have flown in the area and the sea cliff was a real treat.

Thanks for the birthday card, very touching 😉

If we could have look at the spreadsheet, I will be able to pinpoint exactly where Stefan blew up my score 😂😂

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Peter G

Thanks Pete. Turns out it wasn't really Stefan's fault, it was mine 🤔

No better than 4th in any round for me...

I used up all my luck at the Nationals.....

.... in 2008

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