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F5B UK League Round 1 Report

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Report by Alan Flockhart

Couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather for our first event.   Greg and Julien had 2 C in the Netherlands the weekend before and here we were with ~20 C and very low wind until the last round!!

Many thanks to Julien and his wife Maria making the trip over from Toulouse for the event.  This was combined with a little bit of touring around the "Harry Potter" villages of Oxfordshire.

Huge thanks for Steve W and Andy H for their time doing Base B. Also big thanks to the Ramsey MAC club for the use of their field for the day.

Anyways onto the comp itself - Josef came out of the blocks like Usain Bolt - Straight into 51 legs and only lost 1 point in duration - His 

W/min were nice and low as well!  Scary prospect for the rest of the season if he keep these kind of scores coming in. Round 3 was another 51 legger!  Josef won 3 of the rounds and came out nicely in the lead.

Greg managed beautiful consistency with all 4 rounds hitting 48 legs. Nipping away at Josef's heels if he dropped slightly.   Greg won 2 of the rounds - Rd2 drawn with Josef.

Alan was busy trying to get a B17 with new motorisation setup dialed in.  Numerous tweaks during the day and hopefully those will be sorted before the next event.

Dick and Julien were having a good tussle for the 4th and 5th spots. Julien came out the victor by 10 points in the end.  I have a feeling 

Julien bribed Dick with extra birthday cake hence Dick didn't push him too hard in the last round!

Tony was solid in the intermediates class posting a best result of 36 legs.

All in all a very good event.  Just need a few more pilots for the 

Nationals event in May at the NFC (Sat 25th May).    Greg will be taking entries for that event - More details to come.

Scores attached.   If you save the html files to a folder you can then see the results for the stats tool. If we get a chance will get them online.

Any questions or comments please let us know.


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