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Jonathan W

Introducing our "Pico Switch" perfect for F3K

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Jonathan W

Introducing our new product "Pico Switch" .

More information here: - http://www.practicalrc.com/pico-switch1.html

All switches now come with silicone wire.

Supply Voltage 3V - 14.5V - Can go down to 2.5V
Dropout voltage (Input vs output) 130mV @2A
Continuous Operating current and Max - HLG 2A and 3A (Max) peak with 26AWG cable,  
6A for short periods with 22AWG ~ 5A (Max)
Peak Output current - ~ 8A maximum for seconds depending on cable CSA (as abouve).
Standby(Off State), Quiescent current - 4µA

Features: -

Our intelligent Magnetic Switch knows what ON/OFF state it’s in, If the battery is disconnected with the switch in its off state, it will remember this for Seconds.  If the battery is disconnected when turned ON, the switch will be default ON when reconnected. 

Our switches have an interactive feature - The LED flashes under normal use, when the magnet is placed over the active area, the LED goes solid "ON" as the magnet is sensed, as soon as the timer has counted 3 seconds the LED goes "OFF" and gives a confirmation FLASH until the magnet is moved away.

Swipe version - The Blue LED is on constant until turned OFF.

Our magnetic switch utilizes a Hall Effect Sensor (no mechanical switching parts). Careful firmware design ensures that stray magnetic fields cannot toggle the switch incorrectly; we guarantee 99.9% operating under normal conditions.

Positively switched – Ideal for electric models, esc safe, there’s no need for an opto isolator.

Safe and reliable: -  Default ON – if the battery is disconnected (whilst in its ON State) and then reconnected the output will turn ON 99.9% of the time.  I.e. brownout due to bad battery connection.  The magnetic switch is programmed to sample the magnet over the sensor for a set period without interruption and only then will it turn the output OFF.  Extremely resilient to magnetic interference due to the switches microcontroller that is programmed with an algorithm.

More information here: - http://www.practicalrc.com/pico-switch1.html


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