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FrSKY Taranis Q-X7 Transmitter mods

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Needed to get a backup TX for my 9+ (broke the momentary switch at the last meeting which nearly grounded me for the rest of the day but for the help of Mike F  for the soldering iron, and Neil H for the replacement switch).
Liked the grip on my mates FrSKY Taranis Q-X7 which is a great help with F3K so I got one. It has the undocumented 3 pin side port on it, but like others have seen, no info about it!
Opened up the TX and metered the connections. The pins go direct to the battery + and - . The right-most pin (looking from the front of the TX is the -ve and the left pin is the +ve. Middle pin appears to be O/C, I.e. no connection, as does the middle pin of the battery 2S balance connector inside the battery compartment.
My thoughts are to link the middle pins of each connector together. This will bring a LiPo/LiFe 2S balance connection out to the external contacts This will enable balance charging of the LiPo without disconnecting it. As the TX can take up to 15v I doubt the charger voltage for a 2S LiPo can do any damage to the TX electronics.
For interest, the external connector is a Molex 2543, 3 way locking PCB connector, for those wanting to make up a special charging lead.

Think I’ll probably print a flexible plug cover for the side port so the pins are protected from an accidental short circuit too!

Next mod would be the move the S1 pot to the side of the case and replace the knob with a 3d printed lever knob. This will give me easier camber control or motor, whichever is necessary in the programming. There’s enough space for it to fit, the wires reach, so only requires a hole to be drilled in the side of the case.

Any other useful mods out there?

Neil P

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