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Dinah dinah dinah dinah....Batwing: Build log 1


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Batwing is the amazing new 1.2m flying wing from the designer Christian Vogel and expert RC laser kit producer Philippe from https://rc-laserkit.com/. Search for' Batwing' and 'Vogel-fly'  on Facebook and you will also get lots of information about it. The wing is 2 piece and the winglets unscrew making Batwing pack down very small for easy transport and storage.

Flightech are proud to be the UK Distributor as this model is becoming VERY popular in Europe and it needs more exposure here in the UK.  We currently have 12 in stock and are ready to sell but they are not yet on the website (will update asap) and will retail for £99 + postage. Please let me know if you want one before the website is uploaded.

Build log 1 is  the unboxing....


The kit comes very complete with all wiring, linkages etc. Of particular note is that you do not need a plan or anything to build it - the parts are either such a perfect fit they simply need gluing together, or, Batwing actually comes with its own wing jigs to build a pair of very accurate panels off. 




The quality of the wood and in particular the laser cutting is quite outstanding. There are also some CNC cut  GRP parts that are equally very impressive.



Spreading the kit out on the kitchen table was a real treat - handling a balsa and ply kit again after so many years of composite F3x models took me back to my youth and I am genuinely a tiny bit excited to start putting this together. Particularly as it looks really enjoyable to build and it really is a simple kitchen table affair. No need for a workbench if you don't have one. The Instructions call for a building board approx 800mm x 300mm and I managed to find a perfectly sized MDF board for about £8 in one of the big DIY stores

Next time we start the build........the winglets

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