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Model Flying at Rame Head no longer Allowed.


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A quick heads up to anyone who might be travelling to Cornwall with the intention of flying at Rame Head. A party of model glider flyers were told that the land owners have banned all Drones from being flown, the Coast watch officers advised the modellers that they were not allowed to fly. A local modeller is contacting the land owners to seek clarification if model gliders are included in the description of Drones. Will advise if any more information becomes available.

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The land owners have been contacted and initial talks have been favourable, the estate has been clear that flying at Rame Head is not going to be possible but they own 14 miles of coastline and think they can accommodate flyers. A meeting has been arranged and hopefully a positive outcome will be achieved. The fact that the modellers complied with the request not to fly and did not argue has gone in our favour. So please if you are visiting Cornwall in the next few weeks stick to the no fly at Rame Head and do not rock the boat. 


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Hi Roger.  I live in Saltash and have flown model gliders at Rame Head and at other sites both to the left and right of Rame mainly in winter time for many years.  I have only recently found out through a friend after he saw an article in the local Hearald news paper about the no fly situation. I found this forum using Google and see that there appears a collective group of flyers who also fly in this area ( or not now, as it seams ).  In the past I have only come across the odd solo pilot also enjoying the cliff soaring and enjoyed numerous conversation with the guys in the Coastal Watch Station as they always pop out & show a keen interest in what I am flying.  I would be very interested to find out anymore information about the situation if you have any and also meet up with the club/group of other pilots for a fly when & if this is possible.   


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Good morning!   Old post resurrection!  

Does anyone know if this was resolved one way or another?   Rame head allowed / not allowed  or A.N. Other site proposed successfully? 


Thanks In advance!




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Phil Saunders

I was told in May 2019 by a mobile Mount Edgecumbe Estate official that I could not fly at Rame Head (after 30 years of doing so) because they had licensed a farmer to graze ponies on the land for 12 months a year instead of the previous 3 month Per annum arrangement - no flying allowed as the ponies may be spooked by a R/C glider.  I have since heard that a drone flyer had caused this type of problem previously.  I also know that Mount Edgecumbe Estate only lease the land, which is actually owned by Cornwall Council / Plymouth City Council.  It is wrong that Mount Edgecumbe Estate are getting the NCI to do their policing of this policy as I’m sure it is not actually in the remit of the NCI to do so, nor in the spirit of why the NCI exists.

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