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Batwing build log 2


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The first two Batwing's are already sold which is great news. Thank you Nige and John.

In build log 2 we will put the tiplets together and start the centre rib. The instructions are being  followed to the letter.  Speaking of the instructions, they are okay, but you can tell they have been written by someone who knows the plane inside out. In some areas like the main central rib bit they need  more of an overview on how it all works because it is a very clever idea and unlike anything else I have seen. Once you get it it is very easy and straightforward hence this build log.


Tiplets are really easy. The lower part W1 is ply and the rest balsa. All push out of the backing wood with ease and fit together like a jigsaw. No need to build them over a plan they are so accurate. In fact i built the two totally separately and just by making sure all the joints were fitting well i ended up with two absolutely identical tiplets. Nice. And very easy. You can use any glue of your choice it doesn't make a lot of odds.


Now for the central rib bit. It works like a central spine and then the wings slot on either side. The central rib is made up of 3 layers of CNC GRP  - a main one in the centre and two cheeks either side.  In this rib are housed the RX battery (4 cell AAA), the receiver, and all the bits needed to connect up the servos and keep the wings attached as we will see later. The picture below gives you an idea..



You glue the central rib and the right hand cheek together. I made use of the 3mm holes that will be used for the wing dowels to run bolts through and tighten up with nuts. Roughen up the surfaces of the GRP to be glued and use a good quality epoxy resin. I used Zpoxy PT41 laminating resin as I have found this the best by far. You could use 5 minute epoxy if you wanted but I think laminating epoxy to be the best.



What we are working towards is this......


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Hi Neil

My Batwing arrived yesterday all safe and sound, thanks for getting it out so quickly, this really is a nice quality kit, I look forward to getting on with it shortly.



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