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Batwing build log 3


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Been very busy with work and family recently so little progress made I'm afraid..

Work has started on the main central rib. As mentioned previously it is constructed from a main centre piece and two cheeks glued onto the left and right hand sides. Below you can see the main centre piece. In this centre piece the wing joining mechanism and wing servo and battery connections are housed.

The wing joining mechanism is very very clever. It features a spring loaded latch that locks two GRP hooks fitted into each wing panel. Simply click the wings together to lock in place and depress the latch to undo. 


First job is to bend the piano wire to shape and insert into the cnc cut recess  in the rib..



Next you take the GRP latch part and insert it. This part will need to move up and down freely (well under sprung pressure) so I used a bit of silicone grease and also filed a few tenths of a millimetre off the thickness so that when the left hand cheek is glued into place it will still move freely.



Now to do the wing servo connections. Batwing is supplied with a specially made PCB and various components to automatically connect everything up when you click the wings on. Even the battery connects and disconnects with the wings so no external switch or jack plug is needed. Clever.



Let the soldering begin. If this bit puts you off, pre-soldered boards can be ordered but the kits are supplied in component form.


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