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COMP IS ON Tonbridge BMFA F5J Comp Sunday 16.6.19

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Tonbridge club are hosting a BMFA League F5J competition at Leigh Park Farm, Nr Tonbridge, Kent on Sunday 16th June 2019.  We will be running a relaxed competition for both existing competition flyers and new pilots alike. All are welcome with plenty of help available on the day for newcomers.

Directions to the field can be found here:

The competition will be run to F5J rules with UK variations as published by the BMFA.

The main points for BMFA F5J comps are:
- Either Open or 2m may be flown, not both.
- Motor restart may be used (results in a zero flight score), and therefore you need only to use your eSoaring switch BUT you must reset the (200m) height limit to 300m this can often be done easily by using a reader, otherwise use a computer.
- As in eSoaring, you must provide a reader, so that your timekeeper can check your launch height immediately after landing.
- Minimum of 4 rounds to be flown but usually 6 rounds are flown. No fly-off's

Entry fee £10.00 (BMFA requirement) payable on the day.
Proof of insurance (BMFA membership card is sufficient) required

Closing date for entries is 6.00pm Friday 14th June 2019
In the event that there is any doubt as to whether the event will be run due to forecasted inclement weather, a final decision will be posted on  this thread by no later than 3pm on Saturday 15th June.

We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Book in from 9am. First flight’s 10.00am


Please enter this competition by posting here on this thread:
1) Your name
2) Class being entered - i.e. OPEN or 2 METRE
3) Preferred Frequency if on 35Mhz.
4) BMFA Number

Entry list to date:
1. Graham Wicks, Open, 2.4, BMFA 052827
2. Colin Boorman, Open 2.4, BMFA 027713
3. Kevin Beale, Open, 2.4, BMFA 040788
4. Colin Paddon, Open, 2.4, BMFA 073473
5. Ian Nicholls, OPEN  2.4GHz BMFA 39293
6. Jim Hathaway, Open Class, 2.4Ghz, BMFA 186348
7. Bob Hope, Open,2.4, tba
8. Eamon Keating,  Open, 2.4GhZ,  BMFA 192268
9. Phil Ramsey, Open, 2.4Ghz, BMFA tba
10. Ian Duff, Open, 2.4ghz, BMFA 018894
11. Gary Matthews, Open, 2.4, BMFA 032611
12.  Mike Connell, Open. 2.4, BMFA 155649
13. Alan Twine, open, 2.4,  BMFA 067979
14.  Derek Potter, Open, 2.4 Ghz, BMFA tba
15.  Richard Harris, Open 2,4 BMFA 085832
16.  John Barrow, Open,  2.4GHz, BMFA 071788
17. Terry Stuckey, Open, 2.4, BMFA tba
18. Colin Lucas, Open, 2.4, BMFA tba
19.  Steve Knowles, Open, 2.4, BMFA 7079
20. Peter Sherliker, Open, 2.4, BMFA tba
21. Eddy Small, Open, 2.4GHz,  BMFA 063558.
22. Nick Jackson,  Open, 2.4GHz, 123273
23. Peter Mitchell, Open,  2.4  BMFA33859
24. Keith Fisher, Open, 2.4, BMFA 060851
25.  John Hovell, Open, 2.4, BMFA 40572
26. Tony Merritt - 2M , BMFA 142327
27.  Randy Taylor, Open, 2.4, BMFA 165603
28. Brian Austin, Open, 2.4, 057851
29. Peter Allen, Open, 2.4, BMFA tba
30. Chas Dunster, OPen, 2.4, BMFA tba
31. Mike Raybone, Open, 2.4, BMFA 51420
32. Ray Gadene, Open, 2.4, BMFA 0528224






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Please add me, Ian Nicholls, Open, 2.4, BMFA39293


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Hi Colin,

Please include me in the comp.


              Garry Matthews



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John Barrow

Please enter me for this comp.

Open,  2.4GHz, BMFA 071788


John Barrow

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Eddy Small

Yes please.

Eddy Small, Open, 2.4GHz,  BMFA 063558.

Thanks, Eddy.

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Al Lipscombe

Chaps, Please count me out for this comp, some family thing has come up and we can't make it. Sorry was looking forward to some F5j stuff.




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