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Hi everyone,

A big hello to everyone here from Spain. I'm lucky to fly from a very well appointed club site in the north of the country with the Pyrenees mountains as a backdrop. Also blessed of course, with lots of lovely flying weather, much of it very condusive to soaring, although I do fly all sorts of models.

At the moment I'm looking for a powered glider that I can use as a sport model with the occasional foray into some friendly inter club F5J / ALES / LMR  type competitions. These take a form where models from foamies like the MPX Easyglider compete alongside 4M full carbon jobs. A complex calculation of model size, weight and power is undertaken to determine the motor run duration for the competition.

Re the proposed model: Nothing esoteric because funds won't allow I'm afraid. I would like something in the 2m to 2.5m range for convenience.  Currently there are two models that I'm considering which are quite different in execution. 1. Topmodel CZ Astra 2.15m.  2. Horejsi Q12 2m. If I were pushed really hard I might just be tempted to splash out on the Horejsi Geronimo 2.5m but this would be stretching things to the absolute limit.

Many thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.


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