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Learning the hard way


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Paul Gleeson

In this case, I hope that things don’t come in 3’s

RSSI low in a certain orientation? Did the failsafe kick in?

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Sorry to hear that Mike.

Had a similar incident at Euroglide; Trimming my F5J Xplorer on the Friday evening and it nosed in under full power 😫

Started fine, powered to about 100M and crused around while tweaking settings. When it got down to about 20M, turned on the power again to climb. Instead, it went into a shallow dive under power. Full up did nothing. Hit the deck with significant damage. No low RSSI or other telem report, just no control.

Repair/replacement parts cost more than a top DLG! Maybe that’s a lesson about the attraction of DLGs.

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Paul Gleeson

Finally the repairs are done. Waiting for some cooler and less windy days to re-maiden.

Put on a bit of weight, but I did convert it to top drive with some 10g servos, so needed a bit more nose weight, along with the repairs.

All a good learning experience.

Mike how is your Revolution and NXT?




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