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Matt c

Finding flying sites

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Matt c

Hello everyone, 

Quick intro, 42 years old, living in Norfolk in the UK, main interests are RC thermal, slope, electric, vintage, free flight. Been flying RC for 25 years ish. On and Off. 

I was posting because I have been trying to find some kind of flying field out here without a lot of success, and wonder why that might be, given the lack of noise and so on, as I'd be looking to fly either F5j type models or off a bungee. Any ideas? 

There also seem to be few silent flight oriented clubs around. I seem to remember a few in the Midlands where I used to live, with laid out winches and dog stakes, but over here, not a lot! Does anyone know differently, who could point me perhaps in the right direction for sites in this area. 

Sculthorpe Moor isn't a million miles away, but is that only used for odd events? 




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