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Please excuse my rudeness in not posting here before my first post, I didn't see this bit of the forum! 

So hello everyone, my name is Matt, I'm 42, live in North Norfolk. Work as a water distribution infrastructure engineer, been flying RC for 25 odd years. Mostly slope until I moved, since then, a bit of IC, electric and getting back to slope now I have a site. 

First got into RC with an EMP Apex 98, which I flew hand tow and slope. 




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Hi Matt,

I’m a newbie here too, it’s a fantastic wealth of information and knowledge. 

I’ve not had a question yet that I’ve not been able to get an answer to by searching. 

I love North Norfolk, go there a few times a month myself and have even managed a bit of flying off the cliffs and dunes between Hunstanton and Old Hunstanton. 

There are quite a few ‘micro slope’ sites along that coast. Where do you fly?


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pete beadle

Hi Mattc and Tooks

Welcome to the BARCS forum, and I hope we can continue to help out with your silent flight questions 

Coastal soaring sites have been a revelation to me, the smooth lift coming off the water a constant surprise.......

Keep it up lads and happy sloping wherever you enjoy it:)




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I found a decent bit of cliff near Weybourne. It's mot a brick lifter, and it flies differently to the inland slopes I grew up flying on, but it works and keeps my thumbs busy. 


To me too, I was spoiled I admit by flying off a rather large lump of the Derbyshire Peak District when I was younger and sort of turned my nose up a bit at any slope site less than 100ft high, but I'm pleasantly surprised, although it feels a bit like flying in treacle this close to sea level! 


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