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2019 BMFA F3K league


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The results of this league are used as the basis for GBR Team Selection but there's currently no 2020 F3K Euro Championships planned.

If you spot a problem with your scores please let me know.

Your best four scores are in the red shaded cells.  Red text is for International events.  Black text for BMFA events.

I have set up to show the best four scores at the moment but if we lose too many events the number counted will reduce.

Early days yet but....

At 4-6-19.jpg

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Final league results for 2019.  All 9 competitors at the last event improved theirleague scores.

Congratulations on winning the League go to Mike C who held onto his lead.

David, now 2nd,  swopped places with the absent Carlos, now 4th.

Gavin held on to 3rd.

Mike S, now 5th, swopped with Neil H, now 6th.

At 06-10-19 final.jpg

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