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Best place to buy an Elf dlg?


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I am keen to progress in dlg'ing having had a libelle for some time.

The libelle has taught me a good few things but I would like to move onto a new, more advanced, model which might teach me build/repair techniques etc.

I appreciate a 1.5m may be the best approach but storage and transportation to the field would make a 1m a suitable option.

Hyperflight seems sold out in the UK and I cannot find a second hand one anywhere (which would probably suit me better for budgetary reasons)?

Any other sources anyone knows of?


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Marin Mitev


If you can't find Elf why don't you consider other 1m. models like Toro, Hawk,.. They have ailerons (flaperons) and I think that Elf is a rudder/elevator model only.

I think the 1.5m models are better option not taking in the account transportation and storage.

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I have looked at the hawk and Toro... The Toro looks amazing but I think outside my budget.

The hawk seems a non beginner build from my brief search?

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Something like the Toro will be a completely different beast to the Elf. Imagine comparing a 2m full house moulded ship to the 2m foamie Radian.

The Elf is a lovely flyer, very relaxing on a calm summer day being R/E with huge dihedral. But as soon as the wind gets up you might as well stay at home. 

The current 1m planes like the Toro are more closer to a full on 1.5.

Ive had a Elf, was really nice, but I wouldn’t buy another if I were in the market for a 1m. 

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That's good advice about windy days. Appreciated.

Unfortunately I think my budget is more Elf range, and preferably second hand prices, than the Toro... but it sure looks like an amazing flyer.

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Hi Beamer,

Whereabouts are you in the UK? It’s a pretty big place!
I have some 1m DLGs I could part with. By the looks of it they are Hobbyking Elf copies. I’ve got both the R/E and an A/E versions, the plan was to combine the two to make a 4ch version but I never got round to it.

The A/E version actually flies easier than the R/E. There’s almost as much dihedral so it still has self righting ability, the bonus is that with A/E you can, transmitter capabilities depending of course, you can program both Ailerons to use as Flaps or Spoilers to help with landing or catching accuracy.

I'm in Leeds, right next to the airport, if you’re close by we could sort something out. I’m not willing to post them though due to their size and the fact I’ve had one glider I bought go “missing” in the post...




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Should Tony not have something you desire, I highly doubt he won't.


Don't want to tread toes but I have an elf dlg in red I would let go as I just haven't flown it in 2 years or so since I got into flying f3f style machines. Has a repair to leading edge but would like it to move on for someone else to enjoy. 

I'm in Nottingham but sometimes travel up to Filey/Bridlington way once a month or so. 

Drop me a pm if you're interested

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