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RES-F3 high start question


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I fly an electric RES-olution but would like to simplify further with a high start glider but not sure I can use a high start where I fly.

Where I fly does have dog walkers etc. The mowed area is mowed by the land owner for model aircraft use but I'm unsure if high start would be hassle.

If I find an alternative field how big do I need for a RES high start? I would ideally like to take part in the postal competition.


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Hi Dave

I fly in a field roughly 200m square and it’s a public space so gets the odd dog walker

i use a very bright green line and have never had an issue with walkers or dogs. Having two small children myself I don’t fly if children are on the field but that is just my rule 

I love RES. Setting up takes less than 5mins and packing up less than 10mins. I find it very relaxing and very different from slope soaring. Very few here post on the 2 week challenge so it would be great to have a bit more people entering. 


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I nearly entered myself the other week but I realised I was flying my Ka8 instead of Radian.

25cm oversize :D


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