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BARCS-ELG 14thJuly 2019

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This is a 'BARTLETTS LEAGUE’ qualifier to be held on the  EQFA's new 'Bartletts Farm' field .

The usual 3 classes of model can be flown, Open, 2Mtr and 100” (up to 2.6mtr allowed), and each can score points in their own Bartletts league. Please note that models must comply with BARCS class restrictions if you wish to also score in the appropriate BARCS Leagues.

2 entries allowed per pilot, but each entry must be with different class models.

AMRT (Height limiter) CAN be set to any height up to 300mtrs, but MUST be set with a maximum motor run time of 30sec.

Scoring as per F5J, i.e. a penalty of 3 points per metre but for launching over 175 metres   

BARCS rules allow one re- launch  in a slot,  and for an emergency re start if necessary.  

N.B. a re-launch  will be counted as a scoring flight. Motor re-start will result in a zero score for that slot.

 Entry £5.00 payable on the day.

Please register your entry in this thread, all will be assumed to on 2.4 unless advised.

I'm the guest CD!

Brian Austin Open
Nick Jackson Open
Alan Twine Open

Bob Ryan Open
Derek Collings Open
Ray Gadenne Open
Garry Matthews Open
Pete Mitchell Open
Ian Nicholls Open
Eddy Small Open
Randy Taylor Open

Tony Merritt 2m

Steve Knowles Open

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Open for me Ian,please.

A big thanks to Ian for taking up the baton of running the event, it would be good to have someone from North of the Thames, to host events this side.


BMFA 057851

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It's not working out well for me this year.  Yet another diary clash.  This time I'm travelling north for daughter's university graduation ceremony.  Fortunately the next twin daughter's graduation ceremony is midweek and closer to home.
Good luck with the competition.

Peter L 

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We were a bit worried that the hay had not been cut, but Dave Bishop true to his word has had it cut now, so plenty of room to lay the spots out.

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Well I like seeing the back of Steve Knowles! 

No hay brakes on Sunday now.

Only 15 entrants perhaps holiday time but still time to enter up to 10:00 tomorrow 

Sorry 14 entrants corrected thanks to Peter Ley .

Edited by Nicholls
Updated entrants list
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Ian, you've counted Nick Jackson twice.  I know he's a big lad but he won't count for two.  You've got just 14 entrants, I'm afraid.  Sorry I can't be there as it looks like it'll be great conditions for a competition.

Peter Ley

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Ian, sorry I have not entered, confidence and mobility is having negative influences.  Been to our club field a lot recently, trying to overcome this negativity!!!!!   The low entry means I'm under presure to keep up, I find this difficult both phsicaly and mentaly.

I (we, Nipper) might get to come to spectate, Nipper is more interested in smells, ***-bits and fuss.

I will do some work Saturday at the club field on a walking stick/TX/model carying  option???  Gives me limited mobility to that 1st 2nd spot?

Looking like a good day weather wise, all enjoy.



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Apologies but I cannot make it.  

Please accept my

apologies and best of luck to everyone flying. 


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Peter, Eamon and Cliff thanks for confirming you can't enter.


Edited by Nicholls
Final entrants
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Here is the Draw Table for tomorrow.


Revised draw see later post


Edited by Nicholls
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