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F5B Eurotour Event Woodchurch

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Euro Tour Events at multiple locations and disciplines in the UK.

Great weather across the three days over the weekend really added to the excellent atmosphere at the UK leg of the F5B Eurotour.

The UK event normally attracts entries from Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Plus the UK regulars.

This year the Danish team did not make the trip. However, we managed to attract a few more entries from Germany and Julian Lepisser from France.  Perhaps the promise of Fish and Chips at the field on Saturday evening was the main attraction.

Recent Eurotour events showed that Gerben van Berkum and Josef Mouris would be fighting out for the top spot. Gerben being the current F5B World Champion. So the bigger question would be who could join them on the podium for third place?

Round 1 start with ideal conditions. Gerben hitting the ground running with 50 legs. Josef had a technical issue during his flight and scored a zero. Next  best in Round 1 was Greg at 48 legs with Alan matching him. Greg being slightly ahead due to a better duration with no motor on points.

Belgium fliers Luc and Willy also scored well with 47 legs each.

Round 2 and Josef really needed a good flight to open his account. Josef remained very calm and stepped up to the plate with a 50 legs flight and excellent duration flight. Josef's cause was further helped by Gerben having a motor on at Base A and manged a 48.

Luc produced a great flight with 49 legs and  and very good duration flight closed up the fight for being on the podium with Greg and Alan.

After a few stops to allow the farmer to collect silage bales from the flying area. Round 3 and the last round of the day was commenced with conditions improving as the wind had now started to drop.

What appeared to be improved conditions did not yield and improvement in laps scores. Gerben must have been feeling the pressure and had an another cut and scored a below par for him 48 legs. Josef responded well with 49 legs flight. Greg was also a little ragged with a Base A cut and netting a 47. However. other pilots mishaps and cuts allowed Greg off the hook. Alan had a zero due to his Unilog failing and not recording his Watt Minutes. Luc dropping to 47 legs with a couple of cuts.

So at the end of three rounds it was hard to say who was going to end up on the podium. Jos needing a score on the lat day to make the podium. 

Overly hot weather on Saturday had started to cool off leading to an evening more like being in the South of France than Kent. Order taken for Fish and Chips. The local chippy in Tenterden pulled out all the the stops to produce 18 portions of Fish and Chips. A great evening was had by all.

Sunday morning dawned as forecast with a classic British Summers day. Cooler at 22 degrees and a very light Westerly wind. The sky was much clearer than the day before making flying high for the duration much easier.

Due to the flying order being shuffled each round the top five fliers were all due to fly after each other in the last five flights of the round.

Gerben was the first fly in this group and hit 50 legs heading towards 51 legs before opting for a free climb for duration.

Jos was off straight away afterwards. Jos was 25 metres short of 51 legs and incurred 1 second of motor on for the duration. Duration became a formality for both pilots as strong lift being marked out by three birds of prey.

Next up was Greg followed by Luc and Alan. All three pilots were now in with a chance of 3rd place. Greg throwing down the gauntlet with a 49 legs. Lift was now abundant and duration was easily achieved. Alan also hit 49 and a perfect duration.   Luc produced and excellent 48 legs and a perfect duartion. However, losing one leg meant  Luc was now out of contention for 3rd place.

A quick check of the results revealed Gerben had pipped Josef by .8 of a point to win. Almost as close for third place Greg managed to hold off Alan by 2.7 points.

Further down the field Julien Lepisser showed great consistency and improved management of energy keeping below the 1.750 Watt Min limited on all his flights. George Sherring flying close to his 79th birthday produced a fine display.

Thank you to Alan and Dick for organising and running the event.


















UK-Eurotour-2019-Results (1).pdf

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