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2.4h Aerial location Help!


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Ive just changed the fleet over to 2.4! Yes i was a bit behind! They all work well except my carbob F3F model, which on two occasions has almost ended up in the dirt due to a total lack of signal! 

Should or are these aerial better aft of the wings? Ive tried them both forward of the wing..... but no joy! 

Ive pulled the ariels out as far as i can, but during a roll 100m away it locked out again!770C1216-4712-4D80-A689-B6A8661700EB.thumb.jpeg.7af9a0e10815326425edff4758f94a7c.jpeg


Whats the optimum postition...


this may have been coverted before but i cant find any info on it👍🏻

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Aerials can be placed anywhere, as long as they are not shielded from the transmitter signal by carbon. Does the plane have a ‘2.4MHz friendly’ nose? If so install aerials within it. They should be at 90 degrees to each other in some plane.

If the model is all carbon, install them through holes drilled in convenient places. Get as much of them as you can outside the model, and make sure they are at rightangles to each other.

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I would move one so it points out the top of the model, slightly to the side so its opposite to the other. 

Having them both under the wing means at a certain angle, both antennas will be in the shadow of the carbon wing. 

See if that helps.


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Stick them out of the boom at 10.30 and 1.30?

My F5j Shadow has this configuration and I have not had a problem.

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My Pike WR was a particular PITA to get reception. It is a complete Carbon / Kevlar layup, even the nose cone. Yeah a nose cone so no hatch with a fixed nose. That rules out drilling through the nose sides...

I ended up using extended antennas from the main receiver running out of holes behind the nose cone and going under the wing. I then added two satellites with their respective antennas routed at various angles around the rear boom.

It worked well in the end but looked horrible with all the external wires!

After much experimentation I came to the conclusion that taping antennas to the outside of a carbon fuselage, even a gelled or painted one, was almost as bad as having them inside. There needs to be a gap between the antennas and the fuselage. 



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Hi I have the same issue with my new model I've acquired, its a Big bird with carbon wing, plus a slide on nose cone.

 Where to put the aerials, I asked the question to my club members.

The Fuselage doesn't have much space, the fuselage is fibreglass so hope keeping the aerials inside, even try the new spectrum AR620, which is antenna less and do large range checks will work.

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