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Tabless servos?


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Paul Gleeson

I always having my elevator pull string high on the left side and on my flitz2 I have a carbon pin at the CG to stop any interference with the ballast

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Just to round off the thread, I fitted the servos with a couple of pieces of ply and some epoxy. slot cut into the tray to join the ply properly to the tray .

Fuse, nose and nose cone all repaired. Including a lot of coats of Halfords fluorescent pink paint. 

Whats really annoying is the fact it was all so nicely dialled in before the crash and now I’m starting from scratch again... First few flights it was not flying nicely at all despite being balanced the same and using the same settings. Hoping to spend a couple of hours tuning this evening...





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  • 2 years later...

It flew fine. As long as it’s straight when reassembled then all you’re doing is adding a few grams. 
So spend time aligning before committing to a repair (I’ve glued cracks and then broken them again as I wasn’t happy with alignment) and re-balance once completed. 

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