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F3-RES League Bungees

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Pete in Northiam
21 hours ago, Stevevw said:


Did you send me any heatshrink? Not seen any yet.

Steve Wheeler

Sorry Steve not yet! I hadn't heard back from you on which option you wanted - sorry if I missed your reply. I will post it tomorrow. --Pete

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Anyone tried the emc-vega ultralight tubing yet?  Specs from website


EMC-Megarubber Ultralight 4.0 / 6.4 mm
For model aircraft from 200 to approx. 600 gr.

Max. Usable elongation: approx. 600%
forces approx. 1.8 / 2.3 / 2.9 kg at 300/400/500% elongation

I will check on the shipping.


As a side, hyperflight have their tubing back in stock.  It's a bit thicker and when I tried a fellow club members, I found it too strong for my F3RES.  Seemed better suited to a stronger model.


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I'll share the cost if it gets another tubing type into the country for testing and comparison with Pete's data.

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So will I. 



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I emailed emc asking for full price + vat + delivery + import duty + fees

No response yet.....


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