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Kent Interclub Multi Launch Competition 18 August

Nick Jackson

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Nick Jackson

Glider 4 RE RUN (postponed from the originally-scheduled 11 Aug date)

Kent Interclub Glider 4 Multilaunch competition will be held 18 August 2019 at a field to be confirmed at the Invicta site, Sutton Valence.

Open to all BMFA members and winches are welcome. If you want to fly, please notify us no later than 6pm Friday with model class, and frequency if not Open 2.4gHz (Glider, Electric, 100", 2m) so a matrix can be set up - reply below or PM me.

The rules are a variant of BARCS Multilaunch. Electric launch gliders must be fitted with an AMRT (height limiter) which cuts the motor at 30 secs and records the launch height. Electric launch height remains at 175m but there will now be a penalty of 3 pts per metre for Electric launches exceeding it. Most pilots will want to set AMRTs to cut a little below 175m. It is fine instead to use F5J firmware and cut the motor manually. Scores count for the BARCS Multilaunch league.

We want to have a full day flying so please check in 09:30 latest and be ready for Pilots Briefing at 09:45 with the competition starting at 10:00 sharp.
A minimum of 4 rounds and a maximum of 6 rounds will be flown.

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