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F3K National Championships and BMFA league 25th August.


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Nationals entries close on 19th August.  You can find the form here:-


Enty and payment is via the BMFA office for this one.

More information can be found later in this thread - check before you travel.


Post here when you've entered and we can keeptrack of who's going....

Tony B

Paul G

Neil H


Dave H

Gavin S

Neil P

Carlos DS

Mike C

Mike S

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Entries close on 19th August - as shown in the first line of the first post.

Given the low entry, I've had a look at the detail of the rules.

Under BMFA rules (2.3.4), late entries are possible up to 1800 on the Saturday evening - double entry fee due. (£30)  The entries close at that point to give time to do the matrix.  If you enter late, the fee must be paid as it is by others who entered and paid on time, even if we don't fly.

BMFA rule 2.3.11 says if two competitors enter and record a score, we have a valid competition.  (8 required for league points)

If we want to cancel and re-run at a later date (at least one month later), we can still only do this at the field on the day.  otherwise, cancellation loses the event for the year.  Only entries at the first event can fly in the re-run to qualify as National Champion.

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All competitors were sent a note as follows:-

"F3K hand launch competition info:-

Please arrive by 0930 on Sunday so that we can kick off at 1000.  I will schedule eight rounds but we will cut this short if required so as to finish around 1700.  No new complete round will start after about 16:15. There will be a short lunch break if we can fit it in.  There will be more details, task list, matrix, start list etc. on the BARCS forum thread as the info is produced:-



The 8 rounds above was based on 3 slots per round (8 x 3 slots = 24)

With only 10 entries, I have matrixed for 2 slots per round and will aim to run 10 rounds.  (10 x 2 slots = 20).  This means everybody will be out there for every round, flying or timing so we will have to have some breaks now and then.

The other details in red above are unchanged.

Here are the files for  the task list, the start list and the matrix.


BMFA Nationals 2019-Task-List.pdf BMFA Nationals 2019-Start-List.pdf BMFA Nationals 2019-Matrix.pdf

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David P is joining us as a late entry - he will fly as Spare A.

It's going to be hot and sunny - don't forget drinks, hats and sunscreen.

See you there.

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