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**New Samba Prestige 2PK**


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We are delighted to announce that the fantastic new Samba Model Prestige 2PK F5j model will be available  in the UK exclusively through Flightech. 

This is the very latest F5j model from Samba and features solid core Rohacell wings in a variety of lay-ups to suit all conditions. Light versions start at 1050g ready to fly through to Thunderstorm versions for windy condtions. 



I am particularly excited because the new Prestige 2PK is once again the coming together of expert designer, flier and aerodynamicist Philip Kolb and the quality, experience and manufacturing capability of Samba. Last time this happened we had the revolutionary Pike Perfect back in 2006 - a model I loved and won Radioglide and the British F3j league with in 2011. 

Having just got back from the F5J world championships in Trnava, Slovakia we saw only 3 pilots flying the new Prestige 2PK in the preliminary F5j World Challenge Cup as some were saving theirs for the WC and initial production numbers were limited as the model is so new. Either way, out of nearly 190 pilots from 39 countries all 3 Prestige 2PK made the fly-offs and Roberto Bonafede went on to win it in fine style with his only just put together Prestige 2PK.

As for the the WC itself, and with a more limited number of models available to pilots than all the others due its newness, many Prestige 2PK pilots made the fly-offs in highly variable conditions from calm thermally low starts to strong gusting winds with very difficult fragmented lift. The Prestige 2PK looked superb in all conditions and the majority of pilots made the fly-offs with it. Once again, in the hands on Roberto Bonafede the brand new out of the box Prestige 2PK made a podium position in 3rd place - the only model to make both pre-event and WC podiums.

The price of the Prestige 2PK will be 1799 EUR. Already there are a number of top pilots signed up to fly this new model including Steve Haley.

In a very special deal other Samba models will also be available through Flightech. PM for more details

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