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BMFA F3F League 3 Hole of Horcum 1st September

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  • 2 weeks later...

Weather looking Ok for this weekend at Horcum.

Westerly winds means lovelly Levisham,  risk of showers and a bit cooler than of late.

Meet in Braygate Lane, Levisham for 9:30


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Word of warning. The gate that separates the parking area from the slope has a dodgy catch. It’s OK if it is shut carefully, but don’t assume that it will shut itself if you just let go of it.

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Car mishaps aside, the 15 pilots had a pretty good day battling through the Levisham variability.
Hopefully everyone had a least some good air.
The forecasters had the weather spot on. Westerly winds with a sprinklering of showers.

Even though we only had three stops for rain, the speed and severity of the showers gave little time for the pilots to  dive for cover.
Hoping to manage a 10 round comp the target was abandoned when the mother of all showers was seen developing on the horizon.
So the comp was called after 9 rounds, and we all headed for the safety of the cars.

The final results gave a win to Peter , Mark R in second, and Richard in third.
FTD went to Ewan with a 41.31 in R3. Well done guys.

Leader board here :-


Full results to follow


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Great to see you got ten rounds in guys.

Big congratulations to the top three.

Peter well done with top spot.

Look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks. 

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It was great to be involved today, a great bunch of people and I can definitely recommend it!

Here is an action shot:


launch pic.JPG

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 Village idiot again! I’ve been very creative recently figuring out new ways of coming very close to the bottom. This time I turned an early advantage into nothing much by: i) trying to adjust subtrims between flights and getting it wrong; ii) flying into a bush at the bottom of the slope for zero. Two rounds out of 9 are enough to sink you!

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I also had a good go at Village Idiot myself.

Did a last minute ballast change and only plugged one wing in. Had to abort and land the FS5 without the benefit of Crow braking. Fortunately I got away with it by landing at speed into the long bracken. Got away without any damage, other than to my scores. Things had been going pretty well up to then.


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I just arrived home!

Ewan got a blow out on our way out of Whitby, Rich had a spare tyre (the right size) only 20 miles away which we collected but it turns out nobody wants to fit a tyre after 8pm on a Sunday night. So we stopped in Stockton overnight and Ewan had to shell out for a non matching run flat this morning! No-one will fit a second hand tyre in Stockton. The moral of the story is run flats are rubbish!

It was a fine day on the slope though, I enjoyed more than my fair share of luck after a wobbly start with Levisham as cruel as ever! Thanks to Mark & Jon for CDing & hosting, good to meet Kyri & Tony and watch them improve throughout the day.

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My Skoda has runflats - never liked the idea - although the cover says they will find me and replace very quickly, I'm dreading the day I need them too.

Wheel space has been useful though for bringing back booze on foreign trips 😀


Sorry I couldn't support the event yesterday.

Liz fancied going to the Wolves Scale event top meet up with friends, and I was struggling with motivation for the drive, so it won out.

Glad you got a decent number of rounds in.

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Hi Jon 

Thanks again to you and Mark for running another great day on luverly Levisham! After 5 visits I finally hooked a good thermal and really enjoyed flying my first FTD   :)

Congrats to Pete, Mark R. and Rich for managing to maintain performance / consistency in the lift lottery.

Thanks Rich for the help with the tyre issue. Just sad that we live in a society that is more absorbed by litigation than helping someone in need......I was told that tyre fitting companies won't fit second hand tyres in case you have a crash and you sue them for fitting it! I even said I would sign an affidavit to relinquish them of responsibility. ....no joy.

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Greg Dakin

Well after a 10 month break, I must say that I really enjoyed my big day out at Levisham.  It was great to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones, and as always Jon and Mark kept the comp running very smoothly. I even learnt a little about colour coded flags, courtesy of Treble senior 👍

No great surprise to see Pete, Mark and Rich making the most of the poor air and capitalising on the good stuff. Great to watch. Sadly, I missed Ewan's FTD..... but I heard the shrill of his model and knew that it was fast. The trudge to the pits was a particularly long one for me after this flight 😀Congrats Ewan, very well deserved sir 👏😎

Mixed bag for me - didn't really manage to hook too much good stuff and missed the golden pre-rain flight that we all hanker for.......but it was fun stiring the sticks again and nice to find a basic  trim for the Ultima. 

Here's to S. Wales in a couple of weeks time!!! 



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