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ALTIS v4+ WARNING - cable issue!!!


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ALTIS v4+ WARNING - cable issue!!!


WARNING - cable issue!!!

Dear customers,
based on several reports received from some of you in August this year we discovered that some of the devices have an issue with the input or output cables caused by our cable supplier. It seems some of the cables have incorrect crimping of the wire which was not discovered during the quality check, since the devices behaved normally and there was no suspicion about it.
The crimping issue might lead to interrupted of some of the connections on the way between the receiver and ESC which might have its consequences. Therefore it is recommended to pay appropriate attention to it.

We identified that the affected devices are Altis v4+ delivered mostly in the first half of 2019 and the serial numbers are from the range 464912388 to 498073604. It is not excluded that some other devices are affected as well – you can check also other devices. We had also one report on Device Terminal cable affected by this but at the moment there is no further indication if it is a single case or if it is related to the same issue.

It is recommended to check the cables according to following:
• Test the device in plane on ground
• Plug Altis between the receiver and ESC
• Run the motor
• Move the cable near connector in order to detect possible disconnection of the cable.
• Other check consists of trying to pull the cable from its housing (disconnected from plane). Hold the housing and pull the cable with a moderate force. You can also try it separately with all three wires entering the housing. If the wires are loosen easily, you probably have one of the affected devices.

If you detected that your device is affected by the problem or you have doubts about it feel free to contact us and send the device for replacement or repair for free.
If you decide to repair it yourself, please contact us and let us know about your case.

We are now in contact with the cable manufacturer so the issue does not occur again and we will extend the quality check during manufacturing steps.

We would like to apology for the inconveniences caused by the mentioned issue and we believe you will stay loyal to our products.




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