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Toro battery to allow for telemetry power


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1 hour ago, MikeDLG said:

Are you fixed on using the Spektrum gear?   Getting Frsky equipment will save a lot of headaches with voltage (1S is totally fine) and telemetry and it is reasonably priced.    That said, I run 10yr old Futaba TX with frsky FAAST rx's, but if (when) I was going to change, I don't really see a better option given the costs.  

Will look into it!

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18 hours ago, Paul Gleeson said:

I used the booster to power the RX and tried to measure the 1S lipo voltage via the flight pack voltage input.
As I Said it did not work as the voltage sensing of the flight pack does not work down to 3.7V

Maybe a some circuit to add the 5V from the booster and the 1S lipo voltage? Then it might work. 
No idea if such circuit would be worth effort and space to fit it  

You can get 2S 180mah packs if the fits.
I switched to FrSky for the programming features in OpenTX. 
The g-rx6 RX is tiny full telemetry and on 1S

Re-confirmed. Got readings off the 1S down to 4.0V anything below just reads zero.

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