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7th F3K 14-day Duration Challenge 2019 : Duration Record


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Given Tony Beckett ran this competition for many years I think this post is fitting and I'm sure he would have been chuffed.

One of those rare magical days when the conditions were perfect.   Light winds 2-3mph,  abundance of smooth lift and hardly any sink.     First hand launch had me specked out in minutes.     After playing around with some low level saves I thought I'd have a go at a longer flight.   It's been ages since I've attempted this challenge and whilst I've flown over 50 minutes several times,  I'd never cracked the 1 hour mark.

There were 3 other DLG pilots at the club field today which is a rarity and highlights the conditions.    I spent the first 20 minutes mucking about gaining height and then doing some aerobatics.   I then had a decent climb out all the way to 1400 feet before diving back down.   40 mins in the neck was getting sore  but the lift was still really good.    I was working the glider around the entire sky,  going from thermal to thermal and each time I got below 100feet,  I managed to pick something else up and work the lift.       The red kites and buzzards were helping out, as to were the swallows/swifts.      The hour mark was pretty uneventful and given the neck was feeling OK decided to carry on.    Had a good chat with fellow fliers  as we enjoyed the abundance of lift.    It was only at the 90 minute mark that I moved away from the sun glare and found a sky full of sink.    Came down pretty quick and landed for 

1 hour 50 minutes 32 seconds :)   F3K 14-SEP-2019   PINK STREAM NXT


Looking at Tony's historical records on www.f3k.uk and barcs  it looks like I've broken Nick Chitty's record set back in June 2009 with a 1:36:12


Awesome day - just a shame Tony couldn't have seen the record broken.

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2 hours ago, cirrusRC said:

Awesome day - just a shame Tony couldn't have seen the record broken.

On the contrary, I suspect Tony was involved here, given his new status.....

Fabulous flying!  That record will be around for quite a while.

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Yeah, I believe David used the 1200 Nanotech round cells, which typically HK stopped. 

They were kinda ideal given the vast majority of our planes need some nose weight anyway, and the shape and capacity was perfect. Absolutely no worries of run time, unless you're looking to smash his record.....haha. 

Wonder if Mr Harrison is hoarding some? 

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Yes I get 3-4 hours flying before I need to charge.    The 1000mah version is still available which is OK too.

Spare a thought for the previous holder of the record,   whilst the models 10 years ago were inherently more stable due to more dihedral,   Nick was still flying with 10 year old tech and must surely of been at the limit of his battery back then.     Sadly his report from FlyQuiet is no longer available.


as far as I know,  the e-cigs use lithium ion rather than lipo.    Mainly they are the 18650 type cells.

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