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Do people recommend the Red Sailplane Guide for DLG's


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I need to programme my tx (DX6e) and have come across the Red Sailplane Guide at https://red-sailplane.myshopify.com/collections/programming-guides-for-spektrum-and-jr-radios/products/discus-launch-glider-dx9-dx18-g2

Do any of you guys have this, recommend it or have any other comments to make about it.

Seems the 79 page guide would be really useful for a beginner to proper dlg's,  like myself, and the spm file would be a bonus too and save at least the initial setup basics with room to fiddle as we improve???

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I’ve seen these Red Sailplane templates. As much as I begrudge paying for templates I’ve had a lot of help and advice from the Author, Sherman Knight, so I do mean to download a couple and treat it as a donation.

Software developers that make a free version and have optional donation often get my money!

Like I say though, Sherman is a very helpful guy and often divulges some of his programming tips over on RCGroups, so I guess you could say that all these tips are like the free demo and purchasing the full file and documentation is like unlocking the full program.


Next time I’m on my PC I’ll get a couple :) 

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I have the set up from Sherman.

ill be totally honest, apart from the sequencer part, I can put together the same set up in a couple of minutes, I was doing this before I ever saw/bought the template.

But, the sequencer part I would never have been able to figure out on my own, and not only that, the detail Sherman  goes into with the written manual is well worth what he charges. Sure, the opentx stuff is usually all free, but as a photographer myself, I know what my time is worth and charge accordingly (with any business/self employment you need to know your numbers) and I believe this is what Sherman has nailed with his set up and written manual.  Well worth the cost and justified. 

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Good, it's a good to have some reference material.

The template is also good, but it is possible to make one yourself, after understanding the concepts.

The only really clever bit is the sequencer which holds "zoom" mode in for a set number of seconds, after you release the launch preset.

Took me a while to figure out it was done.


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