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Mystery Glider 2

pete beadle

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Hi Tony

The black stripe is definitely Stickatrim, I remember there used to be a little stall that went the rounds of the shows, that sold little reels of this trim in various sizes from 1/16" upwards, that looked exactly like the black trim stripe and it certainly isn't anything designed to affect airflow over the wing:no:

Still, it got me researching for a while, and researching unique "unknown" models is what I like best, so no harm done!

As regards the "Les Wilso O/D" it makes me smile, and takes me back to the days when just about everyone on the BARCS Open circuit had their own personal tweaks and mods that just made every soarer unique, and don't forget most were built by the owner/flyers, and "plastic" hadn't appeared on our horizons yet.....ah well, each time I take on a "project" like this it takes me back to those days........what a pity nostalgia isn't what it used to be any more......

Right, enough of that, on to the Algebra 2.5 that needs a new PINK fuselage.....hey ho!:D.




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