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Midland Winter League F3F 2019/20


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Sorry guys but tomorrow's comp is Cancelled due to bad weather. 

Hopefully see all next month  or even next Sunday if your travelling to Wales. 

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We made a late start due to rain and some hail/snow.

Early wind was around 15ms. This tailed off towards the end of the day.

Obviously it was pretty cold.

I think most or all rounds featured and sub 40.  Ftd was 32 odd.

Walking up the hill to land was tiring. 

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Sounds like fun, I wanted to be there but couldn't. At least the walking up the hill is "warming" in the cold. Hard work though you are right.

Sub 40's, and a 32, excellent!

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Just had the results from Andy

Great day for some of us especially me getting a new PB of 34.

Fastest of the day went to Mark T at 32 and also took a well deserved victory,well done Mark .

Didn't really get to see much flying with being such a busy day helping in the centre, a bit of buzzing and general running up and down that bloody hill.

Unfortunately we had three guy not continue after landing accidents that striped servos and other bits of damage. 

Another classic Mynd day.

Could do with some of this big air in January. 

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Spreadsheet now available: http://www.gbsra.co.uk/league-result-sheets

League results updated: http://www.gbsra.co.uk/winter-league-2019-20

I also updated the PB list with Les' 34.96 and my 32.38: http://www.gbsra.co.uk/f3f-personal-best-times

Awesome day - Pole cott at it's best!  Thanks to Les and Andy for running the show.

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