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BMFA F5J - Lt. Bentley, Essex - Sun 6th Oct 2019 - cancelled


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The forecast has not improved so I'm calling the competition off. Here's hoping for more settled weather for the Team Trials.

Venue is Little Bentley Polo Club, Rectory Road, Essex, CO7 8SN.

Camping on the field Saturday night, pub 1/4 mile up the road, loo on site (hopefully, got to check).

Your model must have an approved height limiting/data logging device (AMRT) which must be able to show the max height your model goes to during its motor run time plus 10 seconds after your motor is shut off.

The limiting function must be set to allow maximum 30seconds motor run time, and the height limiting function must either be disabled or set to 300m.
Motor restart is permitted at any time during flight for safety reasons, but will result in a zero score for that round.

Two classes of model can be entered, either Open or 2Metre but only one entry permitted.
Prizes awarded on the day and points scored will go towards the National League.

The competition will be run to BMFA Local Rules, 6 rounds will be flown if conditions permit and there will not be a flyoff.
Entry fee £10.00 (BMFA requirement) payable on the day.
Proof of BMFA membership (card is sufficient) required.
Timing on the day may vary, and all/any help to set up the field will be appreciated.
But the plan is as usual, book in from 9am.  First flight around 10am.

  1. Ray Gadenne - Open - BMFA 052822
  2. Peter Ley - Open - BMFA 187230
  3. Peter Mitchell - Open - BMFA33859
  4. Graham Wicks - Open - BMFA 052827
  5. Tony Merritt - 2m - BMFA 142327
  6. Peter Sherliker - Open - BMFA 212036
  7. Brian Austin - Open - BMFA 057851
  8. Steve Knowles - Open - BMFA 70799
  9. Simon Conran - 2M - BMFA 195226
  10. Paul Wainwright - Open - BMFA 047845


New roundabout and gap closures.

The new roundabout is in use now, so coming from up from the A12 you will now take the second exit, probably signposted Lt. Bentley.
The gap across the A120 at Pelhams Corner (the road going through Little Bromley past my house) is now closed, if coming from Ipswich via the A137 you now turn left at the mini-roundabout by the Jet petrol station (sign posted Clacton), right at the crossroads after about a mile, a couple of miles to the roundabout on the A120 by the water tower at Horsley Cross. 3rd exit on to the A120 then left to Lt. Bentley and you're back on the normal route. A very basic map


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  • Committee Member

I will be there Tony and will camp Saturday night .

And will bring all the equipment you need.


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High Tony was going to speak to you tomorrow but that has now been cancelled, Bunch of weenies who worries about a possibility of little wind and rain. I was going to ask about camping as we thought about getting there Saturday lunchtime however just received latest BMFA mag and find there is another Essex F5J comp on same day ie Peter Mitchell at Bartetts farm Rettendon. 

So whats what Rettendon is closer to me and can be there early morning and back at night.


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  • Committee Member
1 hour ago, PETER SHERLIKER said:

ust received latest BMFA mag and find there is another Essex F5J comp on same day


Further to my reply to your email. The BMFA mag comp info is nearly always out of date as changes sometimes have to be made after copy deadlines. And it only publishes a minimum info.

If you look on the BMFA website  comp callender you will see that this comp was always going to be either Bartletts or Lt.Bentley.

For the latest dates look at the forum events callender here: https://www.barcs.co.uk/forums/

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Tony had reply from Pete so please add me to entry list, will be camping not necessary about food as will have gas barbeque  with me and all can use it if they want.

BMFA 212036



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The Brick Layers Arms do food on Saturday evenings, they would like to know how many will be eating there as they usually only cater for a few. Those camping the field Saturday night and plan to wander up to the pub for a meal please let me know so I can let them know - you might get a better choice too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tony weather is not looking good for Saturday or Sunday so have decided not to camp on Saturday and then wind of 15mph gusting to 25-30 together with maybe rain for Sunday means the 2-3 Hour drive would not be worth it.

Sorry Peter 

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Weather looking decidedly iffy for Sunday - at this moment wunderground shows 100% chance of rain all day!

With so few entrants I'm tempted to call it off now, but will see tomorrow if by some miracle the weather changes dramatically to a nice day to fly.
Final decision around lunchtime tomorrow.


PS - no worries Peter S, fingers crossed for the F5J TT in a fortnight.

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steve knowles

Thanks for the early notification Tony.

It's a shame that we've lost yet another comp. but the only sensible decision when you look at the forecasts.


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