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Info on DS'ing on the Skirrid

Nick Clement

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Nick Clement

Hi all, desperate to try some DS'ing, can someone give me some info on ideal wind direction and speed conditions for the skirrid please? Noticed on RC speeds website that there were some lads up there today setting fast times, so I'm guessing people still do it?

Any help would be great as I have never sone it before.


Many thanks



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Hi, I think you are looking at the date wrong, those are american style dates so we were up there on the 10th of march . Wind for Skirrid is west with a touch of North.  Wind speed is anything above 10 mph.It depends on you and your model. Look on google earth to see ridge line .Best place is near the top of the ridge befor the last slope. Landing is front side only do not go to far back landing as the rotor will eat you

Do not go alone. Due to the new large car park (four pound coins) there are lots of walkers.You need a look out. 

It takes between 45 to 75 minutes for the climb depending on your fitnes level,the first part is sheltered in wood land but then its exposed along the top of the ridge.  Do not go unprepared. The ridge is about 1500 ft and conditions can change in minutes, I came down last year in 40 mph and sleet very. cold and painful.

Winds are often higher than the normal weather forcast ,look at the met office forcast for the Sugarloaf a near by mountain.

Model needs to be strong WITH NO SLOP IN THE LINKAGE . Ballast helps.Rates need to be low to avoid over control at speed.

A youtube search for " skirrid dynamic soaring" will give you a number of videos. to give you some pointers.

I managed to teach my self on the Skirri after looking at loads of videos never having seen anybody else Ds. But it did involve numerous trips clambering down the backside to retrieve  the model usualy in bits.

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