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Isn’t the vibe 4 in pod connection done inside the fuse?

None of current 4  in pod planes are like that, all external, BAMF, NRJ, Falcon, Auri and then the 1m planes,  really simple set up. 

Swap out a top drive servo then come back and say the same lol, 4 in pod can be done on the field without medication for high blood pressure lol. 

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Can someone remind me if the spektrum Rx which was due to come out end November / early December which has altimeter built in.

Was it the ar6600T?

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6610T,  but I wouldn’t count on seeing it this side of Christmas.

the 675 with the AS3X version is down for March 2020 release on wheelspin. 

I think they only released info on them because the fcc documents were leaked. 

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1 hour ago, SilentPilot said:

The AS3X equipped version is the AR637T :)

That’s the one, although the extra cost and AS3X is pointless for F3K.


Either way, by the time they get released they will be obsolete, they were already way behind other brands before they even got announced. Shame if you needed a sailplane friendly rx with antennas right now you gotta buy the discontinued 6270T since they don’t have anything available to replace it until the new ones do actually make an appearance. 

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On ‎05‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 20:10, SilentPilot said:

The Vibe2 is like that but the actual connection is SO fiddly.

Tiny tweezers needed and lots of patience! 

I'd prefer top drive with a connection tab system anyday... 

Its simple easy to do and as above takes seconds to do and def no tweezers needed or anything other than a couple of fingers

could not be any easer or quicker

have a Vortex 3  2 part wing and I bet I could get the toro ready to fly faster

4 in the pod is so much better no leads to faff about connecting or anything other than 2 horns

other than the Vibe 3 which self locks

most I fly with were same as you till they tried 4 in the pod and not one is anything but that now

but each to there own,know I would def not bother with anything other than 4 in the pod 🙂

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54 minutes ago, SilentPilot said:

I saw a pic of a BAMF Aileron connection. It looks like they just press in.

What stops them coming off in flight?

The fuse, once the wing is bolted down and can’t move, there isn’t enough room for the pushrods to move out of the horn holes and disconnect. 

Same on other brands too. Although on my NRJ I put the bends the other way, they still don’t come out.

What stops the soldering on your wing connection failing over time and loosing you both ailerons in flight? If we thought hard enough then we could find loads of things that might fail and would never fly lol. 


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how much faster and more simple do you need/want? 

works the same way on a lot of current 4 in pod planes like the NRJ I mentioned, Auri etc, but then it’s nothing new, my Blaster had that set up (granted not as clean). Trends come full circle. 

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Once you get one you’ll never go back to top drive! 

I think it was guys like Mike Seid even built a BAMF on the field. I’ve loved them ever since having. 

Which Vibe do you have then? Top drive version? I thought you had the 4 in pod one? 

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Yeah 4 in a pod version. It's a bit of a fiddle to setup but once done it's a very clean airframe. Put a bit of tape over the holes and it is very aerodynamic!

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On 07/12/2019 at 08:46, cirrusRC said:

Errr you still have wing bolts!  Check out vortex wing connection.  3min 30 into video


does he get the drive to ailerons through a pre built linkage?

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26 minutes ago, BigT said:

How does he get the drive to the ailerons?

Pushrods with a clevis at the end that the yoke on the torque rod slots in to. 



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